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About us

Randalco: affordable, modern design for your bathroom
Randalco is the Randal Europea brand specialized in the online distribution in the USA. We have more than 25 years of experience in the bathroom furniture sector, providing affordable, high-quality products with the best design, to fit everyone's needs.
Randalco: the online professional distribution
All of our products are stocked in our Kansas warehouse, ready to ship to anywhere in the continental U.S. Our commitment to service is the reason why we have an experienced customer service team, on call to answer your questions.
At Randal we work for your success.
Our customer’s requests along with our deep knowledge of market and distribution channel are the starting points to manufacture any specific requirement.
Every detail is thought out
The design process at Randalco is the main focus. We are dedicated to ongoing experimentation with materials and methods of production with an eye to the furniture’s sustained performance. That´s why every detail of our products is thought out. We aim to design excellence, innovation, and sustainability.
We care for our work
Our goal is to manufacture DIY solutions for the bathroom which combine high quality and design at a reasonable price, following the highest European requirements of quality and respect for the environment, providing high added value products to our customers. All office standards and shared information have been centralized to ensure the experience is consistent throughout the offices in America and Europe.
We are Randal
More than 25 years of experience
We have a highly qualified team, with more than 25 years of international experience, producing assembled and DIY bathroom vanities solutions, distributed to top industry´s dealers from all around Europe.
Caring for certified quality
At Randalco, our commitment to quality provides value to our products, service and solutions. We developed products to give shoppers a showroom experience at an affordable price featuring high-quality from the industry's top manufacturers in Spain, following the most accurate European standards.
Sustainability and respect for the environment
We assess and take responsibility for the environmental and social welfare. We carefully choose our materials, manufacturing practices, and energy usage to minimize our environmental impact and reduce the waste. It’s all part of our commitment to the environment at every stage – from design to manufacturing.